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Foto 2

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Añadido 2012-12-20 Mibu

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Litlove, don't be afraid to try! The efofrt and experience are so worth it I think even if you can't shake off all preconceived ideas that may be lingering from martial arts or Godzilla movies. The more I read in Asian literatures, the more my assumptions get thrown out the window Jem, I know what you mean about short stories and I also agree with you that Japanese short stories seem very fulfilling in a way. I read In the Pool by Hideo Okuda in 2006 and loved it. Each story is a complete nugget just like with Mishima. Thanks for the recommendation because I definitely want to try Mishima's novels.Dorothy, this book would be great to include in Kate's short story, or just because you want to read more short stories.Heather, thanks! It is definitely one to add to the TBR pile. Sorry (not!) Iliana, thank you. Mishima has beautiful writing which I am sure is also due to the translator who did a magnificent job. Verbivore, this is my first Mishima and it makes me want to try his novels. So maybe if you give his short stories a try you won't be frightened away.

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